About Us

Mike Haines, Owner

Mike and Gail Haines

Mike retired as an oral surgeon to play golf, fish, hunt and train dogs. His current best pal is a German Short-haired Pointer named Elsa. But in his “spare time”, he organizes, oversees, packs and packages and whatever else needs doing to keep our hash oil production business on target. Mike especially likes making deliveries and visiting all the stores. He and Gail are married and live in Olympia.

Dudley Scott, Production Manager

Dudley Scott

Dudley moonlights breeding Rottweiler puppies, but he is a genius with hash oil. He coaxes the most fragrant oils out of trim and buds and turns them into a variety of terpene-rich products resembling anything from jeweled crystals marinating in sauce to your grandmother’s best blonde brownies. Dudley is married and lives in Oakville.

Christopher Haines, Office Manager

Chris Haines

Driven to alternative medicine by necessity, Chris has found tangible success in the sphere of plant medicine. He wants to help others know that new breakthroughs with cannabis & psychedelic medicine can reach people who previously were very hard to help.

Also, he supports his puppy Coco’s passion for pointing birds, and running very very fast!
(She’s just the best!♥️)

Chris handles the labeling and all the computer work, and runs the packaging team with Mike, Gail, and Cindy all playing a huge part in things running smoothly. All in all, Chris loves the harmonious work environment of this wonderful family business.

Gail Haines, Owner

Gail has so far avoided having a title, but she is there when work needs to be done. A former chemist and a recently-retired science writer, she packages and checks on the sometimes-colorful spelling. She was once heard to ask, as a purple haze rolled over an outdoor music festival in Canada, “What is that awful smell?” Gail is more experienced now, and AGA terpenes are superior in taste and aroma.

It all started with a piece of land and a barn-like building Mike and Gail owned in Malone, Washington. We had some really special strains of Alaskan cannabis ready to grow, and we named the company – make that the Washington state license – Alaskan Green Acres.

But we found even more special plants all over Washington, and processing them for oil turned out to be even more interesting than indoor growing. So the building got re-converted and AGA was re-born as a small processor, serving up hand-crafted oils and hydrocarbon waxes from high quality “rocks” to easily affordable “dabs”. Our sources of marijuana range from the far corners of the state to just down the road.

The only resident moose is the one on our logo, but we have a herd of elk that passes through regularly, a black bear, several coyotes, otters, mallards, hundreds of assorted trees, grassland, a pond, a creek and breathtaking views of the purple hills.