Alaskan Green Acres

Offering top quality BHO’s to rec stores across western Washington.

Alaskan Green Acres handcrafts an ever-changing variety of hash oils and waxes which we sell to recreational stores in Washington State. Their characteristics depend upon the strains of quality cannabis available.

Our top lines are crystals bathed in terpene-rich oils. We call this “Roccs & Soss”, and the color is like molten gold. AGA packages it by the gram in glass jars with a child-proof lid and removable labels.

Mid-grade BHO, including the ever-popular Grand Daddy Purple, looks like a sugary, golden-brown crumble. We pack it by the gram in silicon-lined cups sealed in Mylar.

Our popular, very affordable dab oils are often darker, with a sugary grain and a full array of their own, natural terpenes for great taste and aroma. All of the varieties give you what you are looking for, with their own special taste and aroma provided by the entourage effect of the natural terpenes in the cannabis.

Why do we use hydrocarbons?

We process our oils with butane to bring our customers the best and purest cannabis products available, while preserving all the taste and flavor that only the original, native terpenes can deliver.  A closed system extracts THC and other valuable components cleanly, leaving chlorophyll and bitter plant residue behind.


We use top quality bud and trim so that the various cannabis strains can retain all the flavor notes you know and love. No mono-terpenes for us! Think of it this way. If you were going to make top quality ice cream, would you put in manufactured vanilla, with one predominant flavor chemical? Or would you prefer real vanilla, featuring more than 400 flavor components working together? BHO delivers that same, superior entourage effect.  

Then we remove almost all  of the butane and recycle it, saving money for our customers, while protecting the clean air of the environment. Any residual butane bubbles out in our purge  ovens, and our products are individually tested before they go out, to insure purity and to identify the major terpenes present. And we print that information on our label.

The process requires specialized equipment and an expert touch. We have both. So don’t try this at home. Let Alaskan Green Acres do the work while you enjoy the results.